Monday, October 8, 2012

Parenting- What I See / What They See

OK. I'm the first to admit I'm not the best parent. I swear, my kids annoy me and I tell them not to pet strange animals because they will get their faces eaten off.

I'm not the best parent, but I'm also somewhat over protective. I wouldn't say I'm a helicopter parent- I truly push for them to be independent. But I draw the line at participating in certain events that may cause them physical harm. 

That said, I don't fawn over their every move. I'm a strong believer in the five second rule, I do not feel the need to use antibacterial products and we never get flu shots. I like the idea of building immunities. 

Riding bikes, rock climbing and playing in the mud are perfectly acceptable, but the newer adrenaline inducing activities popular these days really freak me out. And I must draw the line somewhere. I see other parents allowing activities that make me question my sanity. If they're doing it, it must be safe, right?

Here is an outline of things I've witnessed other kids doing lately and how my view of them may differ from what other parents see.

Lemonade stand on the median of a two lane thoroughfare in our neighborhood:

Other Parents- An opportunity for their charges to learn important lessons about economics, math, supply and demand, hard work, good work ethics and customer service.

Me- Opportunity for children to slip off the curb into oncoming traffic and be run over and squished like a bug. Also they are prime targets for child molesters masquerading as repair people to kidnap small victims who are never to be seen or heard from again.

Motorized toys- including mopeds, motorized standing scooters, golf carts, four wheelers, dirt bikes, quads, and rhinos:

Other Parents- The opportunity for their children to enjoy the thrill of speeding down the road or off roading. Also fulfilling their own childhood fantasy of owning a motorized vehicle that their parents would never agree to.

Me- Death, destruction, broken limbs and paralysis. My niece received a rhino for her 7th birthday. She ran it off the road and flipped it with her uncle riding inside. He had head trauma and internal injuries that required several surgeries. Thank god she was fine.

Rough housing at public activities:

Other Parents- Boys will be boys. They are burning off energy and will go to bed sooner.

Me- Stitches and concussions...on my toddler, because they don't watch what they're doing or aren't supervised. Thank little baby Jesus I don't have boys or I'd have a heart attack daily.

Riding on the hood of a car:

Other Parents- A fun, whimsical joyride and sense of adventure.

Me- Stupid people, stitches, broken bits and death.

I am aware that my nickname around the house is Killjoy and The Fun Police, but I really do think some activities are more risky than their potential reward.

So that's it. Kinda soap-boxy today, but I just ate a huge bowl of chili and that's all I've got. Well that, and gas.

Just what every seven year old needs.

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