Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mad Housewife 2

You would think I wouldn't have to write about how this blog is satire so of course there is embellishment, exaggeration, and most importantly, creative license. So if you can't read this knowing it's all in good fun, then it's not the place for you.

The other day I posted about what I do all day. It was for entertainment purposes and was meant to be funny and hopefully I made some readers laugh or smile. It was not an outline of a typical day, of course, and was meant for fun. If I posted what I did every day you would be bored as hell and never come back to this blog.

Does paying bills, reconciling quick books, sitting at Fifi's gymnastics, generating invoices, driving to three different banks for business, folding laundry, doing dishes, grocery shopping, making dinner and wiping poo off a toddler's bum sound interesting to you? Probably not. Most of you probably do things like this every day yourself so why come here to read?

As in a lot of households, husbands and wives share duties. Of course there are also single parents who do it all.  And how Wiener and I roll may be different then how you run your household.

He takes Fifi to school in the mornings and I take Devil Baby on the days she goes. Then I'm responsible for them the rest of the day until they go to bed. That means school pick ups, after school activities, dinner, homework, baths and bedtime. Not that Wiener never helps with these things- he does when he can. Then there are also doctors appointments, dental appointments, orthodontist appointments, allergist appointments. And the list goes on and on. Bored yet?

And this arrangement leaves Wiener's schedule free to do whatever he needs for work all day, whether it be meetings, working in the office all day or meeting people for happy hour, business dinners, networking meetings etc.

He has no constraints whatsoever in his schedule and he does what he needs to when he needs it. And that's the trade off. I don't have that luxury. What I wouldn't give to grocery shop child free for eternity. I need advance clearance if there is something I may want to do, like happy hour, to make sure he isn't otherwise occupied and can be here for the kids. My plans have been delayed, put off and cancelled many times due to important business arising in his schedule.

SO, for instance, if he takes Fifi to school then hangs out in the office in the morning with Devil Baby before I roll out of bed because, I too, have had bronchitis for two weeks and deserve rest and to get well myself, then so be it. So the lesson here is not to make assumptions based on how others choose to operate their households.

Again, this blog is for entertainment and is mostly satire (read sarcasm). If I say I'm drinking pink champagne and eating bon bons all day, I'm probably not.

It's more likely that I'm plunging the toilet or scrubbing dried danimals yogurt drink off the couch. But since it's my blog and I have creative license I won't bore you with the minutia of my real daily routine. I'd much rather share with my readers some outlandish tale or hilariously embarrassing story.

So, if you know me in person, please don't judge or hold these stories against me in my personal life. This blog is an outlet and I'm just looking to get some laughs. Laughter is the best medicine.

And boy do I need it with my latest bout of bronchitis. 

This about sums it up.
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