Monday, July 30, 2012

Lame Trick & OldSmith

I went to an Aerosmith / Cheap Trick concert last weekend.

As Cheap Trick performed I was transported back to the days of arena rock. Of course there were some differences- no sinus clogging smoke or greasy haired mullet guys in sleeveless concert T's and ripped jeans.

But there was still a nasty smell- a combo of what was either stale nachos or body odor or both, plus OLD greasy haired mullet guys in sleeveless concert T's and ripped jeans.

Cheap Trick sounded great. But there is something about a 60 year old geriatric screeching "do you want to party" that makes you not want to party.

I mean it was after ten, I was out of the house wearing something other than pajamas and there was not a minion in sight. Was this not partying?

Finally, Aerosmith came to the stage. 

I should preface this by saying despite their age they brought the motherfucking house down!

But Steven Tyler IS 64 and has had a few incidents on stage recently, so I spent the first half of the show worrying about him.

"Careful Steven, you're dancing a bit close to the edge of the stage. Don't spin like that- you're going to get dizzy and fall. For the love of God DO NOT climb on top of that piano!!"

Overall it was fan fucking-tastic. 

Aerosmith is a band that has rocked for over forty years and has managed to stay relevant and fresh. That's fresh as in new material and sound not as in 80's fresh and totally like grody. 

They are definitely an American icon and dare I say the US version of the Rolling Stones, only less stuffy.

I only hope that when I'm 64 I can gyrate and shake my money maker like Steven Tyler.

Hell, I wish I could do that now! 

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