Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'll Taser You in the Nuts

Let's talk about stupid people, because that's what is at the heart of this blog. Sometimes we all need to vent and rage. And since there are stupid people everywhere, I have plenty to vent and rage about.

I wish.

1. The lady at Kroger who wrote a god damn check and almost made me late to pick up my kid since, once she spent some leisurely time filling it out, it took the clerk added minutes to get approved and write down all license info. Get a fucking check card.

2. The self entitled bitch who was too good to wait in the carpool line and skipped around everyone and squeezed in at the very front of the line, cutting off another car plus all of us who had already been waiting. We are all in a hurry to do shit. Wait your turn please. I'm watching you lady.

3. The asshole home repair service people who take smoke breaks and throw their butts in the street and yards of my neighborhood. That's not where they go. I don't throw my bloody tampon in your yard just because it's biodegradable, do I? Have some fucking manners.

4. The pregnant lady at the store with two kids that she just let stand in the middle of the aisles while her head was up her ass and I had to say excuse me five times. Watch your demon spawn and stop being a rude lady-douche.

And the clincher:

5. The boys in my neighborhood who have been ringing door bells at 2-3AM wearing masks and holding unidentified objects. You are the stupidest of all. Are you not aware that we live in Texas where concealed weapons are the norm and gun ownership is not simply practiced, but it is gospel? Ring my bloody doorbell at 2AM and I'll taser you in the fucking nuts. 

And so you know I'm not kidding, here are some images from the security footage of a targeted home. Yep, I went there. Criminal trespass is a crime, so if you don't want your image splashed all over the internet, then don't behave like a degenerate thug.

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  1. The clerk added minutes to get approved and write down all license info. Get a fucking check card.