Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Like the Vodka Too

This afternoon I was telling Raquel about a blog I'm currently in love with called Like the Vodka. 

I was explaining the premise- An American wife and Russian husband; she calls him The Russian and posts about their conversations and funny scenarios due to language and cultural differences.

I was saying how it was impossible to read it without herring* his dialogue in a Russian accent whenever she wrote the husband's words.

So I read an excerpt of a post aloud:

Wife: Where's Ivan gonna get a bear?

TR: He already has, in the freezer.

W: Ivan has the bear in the freezer?

TR: Ecktually, just the hand...

W: What exactly is a bear hand?

TR:  You know, in the front. The bear uses to operate.

W: The bear is a surgeon?

My Russian accent was an epic fail but we were laughing hysterically.

Raquel: We have to get us a Russian.

Me: I just peed myself a little.

R: Remember that hotel where I worked and my boss was Indian and always messing up phrases like instead of 'mountain out of a mole hill' he'd say 'mountain out of a speck' or something?

Me: Yes, bahaahha!

So basically we want a foreigner to hang out with so we can make fun of their accent and misinterpretation of sayings for our personal amusement. Naturally. #morereasonswearegoingtohell

I don't know if this foreigner would follow us around, come over at set appointment times or be a part of our group. It would seem unfair taking them out with us and ridiculing everything they say. But it does sound entertaining, so I'm game.

So when Raquel says 'We need a Russian.'

I say Egg-zectly!

(*hearing... Apropos typo, so it stays)

More fitting than you know.
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