Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conversation With Wiener

Wiener storms in the bathroom where I'm peeing, of course, and says:

"You have to start watching your mouth around Devil Baby!!!"

Me: I didn't say anything to her. I'm in the bathroom.

W: Well, I just walked by her and she's playing that cat game on the iPad and she's keeps saying "you fucking cat!"

Me: I didn't say anything like that to her. In fact, I haven't said 'fucking cat' all day.

W: We have to tell her she can't say those things and make her stop.

Me: I agree. I'll have a talk with her and see if she understands that she can't say that.

W: Yes, please do. It's really bad.

Me: Okay.

W: But first I'm going to force her to say it a few more times so I can record her and watch it later when I want to have a laugh.

Me: Jesus

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